Payment Cards

We can provide payment cards in order to remit the funds to a beneficial cardholder. Collect & Pay’s payment cards are flexible in terms of usage, they provide a cost-efficient way to make payments. Our cards are more convenient and safer than cash, also they are accepted worldwide.

Designated unique IBAN

Each Collect & Pay account has a unique IBAN (International Bank Account Number) which allows our clients to send funds straight to the user’s account by the means of bank transfer or e-payment methods from anywhere in the world.

Digital banking

Collect & Pay platform allows our clients to perform any kind of digital banking activity with no need for a physical presence.

Cryptocurrency exchange

Collect & Pay is connected to some of the largest crypto exchange platforms. For this reason, our clients can buy and sell cryptocurrencies via their Collect & Pay account and enjoy the best rates.

SEPA and SWIFT transfers

Our unique and sophisticated system is designed in such a way that users can make payments to their partners and/or suppliers via SEPA and SWIFT transfers.

Payments & Collections

Collect & Pay clients can collect payments easily from their debtors and proceed with payments to their creditors. Compared to traditional banking solutions our services are much easier, faster, and cheaper.

Multi-currency IBAN accounts

Our platform allows a generation of separate IBAN for each currency to ensure fast and secure wire transfers from any bank or e-wallet. Each client of our user is also welcomed to open an account on our platform.