There are times when a company urgently needs to open a payment account. There are quite a few offers on the banking market, but Collect & Pay has the most suitable option when you can quickly open a payment account

Therefore, accounts are opened in this banking institution for both small businesses and well-known companies. And all because entrepreneurs trust a bank that has been operating for decades.

You can open a business bank account within 2-3 days if you provide all the needed documents. In other banks, it will take weeks

Why do customers use Collect & Pay?

This online bank was the first to offer services without visiting offices. As a result, the benefits are at a lower cost, and what’s more, it allows you to earn money on additional services, such as a referral program.

The extensive experience of specialists makes it possible to perform work at a high level: professionally, quickly, and accurately.

Opening a business account is a mandatory procedure. Otherwise, the regulatory authorities will not give permission to open a company. And Collect & Pay makes it possible to issue the necessary business account not only quickly, but also on fairly favorable terms. As a result, the number of clients is constantly increasing. This enables the bank to receive more profit, allocate funds for the modernization of this product, and develop other interesting and necessary services.


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