📝Regulated Activity
Collect&Pay ltd. is a financial institution authorized by the Astana Financial Services Authority for the provision of Money Services with r the trade name “Collect&Pay Ltd”

📊Attractive Rates & Fees
Our company offers competitive rates and fees for any transaction. We offer our clients several funding instruments and special exchange rates.

👩‍💻Dedicated Customer Support
Servicing clients is our top priority. Our dedicated customer service team provides efficient and fast 24/7 support via internally secured communication channels.

🌍Borderless Services
Our clients can receive payments from any bank or e-wallet and transfer payments globally without any hassle. The accounts can be accessed and used anywhere in the world.

🌐Сutting Edge Technology
Collect & Pay platform is a cloud-based solution. It helps to track and manage customer data, deliver actionable insights, payment instructions, and manage business activities with maximized security.

💰Cryptocurrency Focus
We have integrated some of the cryptocurrency exchanges, so our platform allows for the exchange of various digital currencies. All solutions in one place.

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