Internet banking makes life easier for today’s entrepreneurs. Indeed, it is convenient when business issues can be resolved from anywhere in the world that has access to the Internet. We will tell you about the tips that are especially appreciated by modern entrepreneurs. Simple authorization Today many companies strive to simplify the authorization process as much as possible. Internet banking has caught this trend. The same with Collect&Pay. The online store presents no difficulties – the login page for the web version Collect&Pay is adapted for mobile devices, and the password itself can be changed without solving puzzles and entering a captcha. In addition, the Internet Bank can remember the login so you enter only the password next time Another trick will help owners of several companies with Collect&Pay accounts: for convenience, you can combine their accounts in one profile. Convenient payments Payments seem to be one of the main functions of Internet banking. It is more surprising that in many banks extremely little attention is paid to the functionality and user-friendliness of payments. So, until now, in some online banks for entrepreneurs, payment to an individual using details remains a real quest. In Collect&Pay, the approach is fundamentally different. All improvements are based on real customer experience. For example, transfers to an individual are a separate item in the Internet Bank – with a form in which there are no extra fields. Invoices and payments in the updated Collect&Pay Online can be signed by SMS. And filters for payments have also been added. You can now attach employees to a salary project by phone number. Moreover, companies no longer need to print and glue stickers to pay using a QR code: the code appears on the screen of an online account. This means one less headache. An inclusive approach The term “disabled person” is gradually becoming a thing of the past, as in modern technologies people live a full life and fulfill themselves in business in particular. Keeping up with the times, Collect&Pay the ability to indicate your special needs in your personal account. To each account assigned account manager, who will help in any issue. Efficiency of interaction In the modern world, time is compressed. To be competitive, adapt to this dizzying rhythm. Entrepreneurs who know the value of time do not accidentally choose Collect&Pay. With it, the terms for collection services were reduced to 7 minutes. By the way, the developers promise that soon it will be possible to sign several payments at the same time – this will save time. Well, the integration of the “Contractors” section with the “Document Flow” will allow you to create a document in a couple of clicks and send it with the details already filled in. So, when choosing an Internet bank for running your business, first of all, evaluate its capabilities in order to make the right choice.

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