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A Collect & Pay bank account can be useful for any company engaged in international activities. Opening a bank account for every company is not such an easy task as it might seem at first glance.

We will tell you about the intricacies and features of this process in this article.

A bank account can be required by both individuals and companies. Banking services are needed for the convenience of settlements and entering the international market. Previously, financial institutions fought uncompromisingly for each client, offered favorable terms and even worked with offshore companies. Now the situation is diametrically opposite: a corporate or private client will have to make remarkable efforts to prove their reliability and conclude a service agreement with an online bank. Most financial institutions offer draconian terms of cooperation, however, Collect & Pay’s terms are more loyal and have advantages compared to similar companies.

Main advantages of a Collect & Pay account:

1. Ease of transactions international partners, suppliers and customers. 2. Reliability and convenience of payment platform usage. 3. Payments via SWIFT system and currency exchange. 4. Bitcoin settlements for sending and receiving digital currency & exchange to FIAT 5. Partnership with the biggest and reliable banks in strong and respectable jurisdictions.

If you are looking for an opportunity to open an account for your company, Collect & Pay is the best solution for you.

To open an account, follow the link – OPEN AN ACCOUNT

If you have any questions please write to contact@collectnpay.com

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