FinTech is quickly becoming more and more prominent in today’s digital age, and to some of us, an essential part of everyday life. Whether you deal in investing regularly or not, the odds are that you’ve seen the likes of FinTech apps like Robinhood or Mint on the news. In recent years, there has been staggering growth in FinTech, making the market a desirable place for people to make their name. But because of the industry’s popularity, there’s a lot of competition. So how can you grow your startup to be on a competitive level? Read on to learn four effective ways to take your FinTech startup to the next level. 1. Advertising Though it might seem obvious, the best way to get your FinTech brand out there is with a little advertising. With today’s technology, advertising has never been easier. There are countless platforms available to you, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even Reddit. Each comes with its own unique way in which you can present yourself. Though that isn’t to say you should restrict your advertising efforts to the online realm. Billboards, subway advertisements, and magazines will help to advertise your brand. The more people recognize your name, the more inclined they’ll be to try your services. You can even consider getting a company car to spread the word about your brand when you’re traveling. If you’re unsure about this option, talk to an expert to figure out the best route for funding. 2. Continue To Build Laying the groundwork and continuing to improve on it is what makes for a great company. Some companies are content with releasing a product and never putting any more work into it after that, causing the service to grow stagnant and lose its client base. We hope you don’t take this route. Release your product with just a little more than the required minimum as a test and begin to collect user feedback. You can then use your findings to make adjustments and improvements to your service. Continued growth and improvements based on clientele information help keep your product user-friendly, with the added benefit of allowing your clients to feel heard. 3. Invest In Your Clients Listening to the wants and needs of your clients, within reason, is essential to the growth of any FinTech company. Clients that feel heard are more likely to continue using a service they feel they have contributed to. You’ll create the feeling of an investment on their part. Even if their ideas aren’t the best, even taking a moment to explain how or why it wouldn’t work is still an interaction they can be heard through. Through the small investment created due to listening or conversing, customers will continue using your FinTech product, allowing for more feedback and further investments in your clients and your service. 4. Seek Support In a competitive FinTech market, it’s wise to realize that you can’t do everything alone. There may be times when business is slow or not growing at all, but it’s crucial to not give up and recognize when you might need a helping hand. Whether it’s investments or partnerships, reach out and find an agreeable solution to the situation you find yourself in. Being stubborn in the face of stagnation will only see your FinTech business fail. Startups are important for the economy, and seeing them stay in business benefits all parties. Get Growing Today Knowing where to begin in growing your startup can be a little daunting when faced with the reality of it, but it’s just a bump in the road. We hope these four tips have helped you gain an idea of where you could start. Contact us to get more about Collect&Pay services that will help your business in finance – Disclaimer : This financial promotion is intended for retail clients. Please note that this information is of a general nature only and is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any particular entity. Also please be aware that this information is not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate or up to date. Collect & Pay is not a financial adviser. You should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice to check how the information published by Collect & Pay relates to your unique circumstances. Licence #AFSA-G-LA-2020-0005 with expiry date of 23.04.2022. Please learn more about the regulatory status of Collect & Pay :  

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