The business strategy has changed significantly over the past 5 years. If earlier the owners tried to find a profitable office space, now the business is looking for a foreign bank, Neobank or a payment system. We will tell you about how to open a corporate bank account in 2022 in this article.

Opening a corporate account with a traditional bank is a difficult task. Banks abroad are developing special tools aimed at identifying information about the client, detecting any suspicious transactions, including money laundering operations (Fintech institutions also make compliance checks and KYC processes).

If the structure and activities of the company are clear to the bank, it is possible to open an account within 1 month. In other cases, the process may take 3-4 months.

In 2022, companies do not need to spend so much time because there are alternative ways to open an account in a fintech institution like Collect & Pay Ltd.

If you have all the necessary documents, Collect & Pay Ltd. can open an account in the shortest possible time.

It will allow you to solve all current problems, and also gives you the right to choose a currency and convert it directly in your personal account 

Find out more about many other options that can help your business and how to open an account –

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