Here’s how to open an account with Collect & Pay LTD

We offer step-by-step instructions on selecting and opening an account in Collect & Pay LTD. The material will be useful to companies that need a foreign account.  An account in C&P is opened remotely for an average period of 3 to 10 days. A list of the needed documents to open an account you can […]

Banks began to integrate into non-financial IT systems

Financial services have begun to integrate into non-typical digital solutions, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and supplier relationship management (SRM) systems. How do banks use financial technologies in the fight for a client? Ecosystems consisting of banks, fintech startups, and ERP systems will become the competitive “unit” of the future, Gartner predicts. By 2026, […]

Open an account for your business has never been so easy

You can open an account with Collect & Pay remotely from anywhere in the world. There is no need to go through numerous bureaucratic procedures – a personal manager will help to solve these problems. He will advise you from opening an account to the subsequent transfer of funds to your clients. Collect & Pay […]

How to open a bank account abroad?

Many today start their business abroad because there are more opportunities and business flourishes better. But, probably, each of those who started their business abroad faced a problem. Registering your business and running it is possible without any problems, but opening a bank account is more difficult. Here it is very important to find a […]

FinTech in Africa: from zero to infinity?

Fintech has irrevocably changed the generational ways of buying, selling, saving and borrowing. In developed countries, this has long been a usual thing. But the digitalization of the sector is also proceeding at a faster pace in the region where, not so long ago, a simple money transfer from the phone was a miracle. So, […]

How to open an account in a foreign bank

Doing business at an international level, everyday spending, accumulation of earned funds by individuals involves opening accounts in foreign banks. The procedure requires careful preparation of financial and legal documents. To open a bank account abroad, a legal entity will need: corporate documents of the company; filled out and signed bank forms; submitted data of […]

Fintech startups are losing their financial ground

The decline in funding for fintech startups is observed all over the world, all regions are affected by the process. Business Insider reports that startups in the field of financial technologies are going through hard times, investments in such companies in the world decreased by a third in the second quarter of this year. According […]

Open a corporate bank account with a professional – Free Consultation

Those wishing to open an account often encounter problems even before signing the contract: a foreign bank is able to refuse to open an account at any time without giving a reason. Any inaccuracy in the documents provided when opening a bank account (personal, corporate), incomplete information about a non-resident client (future owner: company, person) […]

Where to open a corporate account in 2022: bank, Neobank or payment system?

The business strategy has changed significantly over the past 5 years. If earlier the owners tried to find a profitable office space, now the businesses are looking for a foreign bank, Neobank or a payment system. In this article, we will tell you about where it is easier to open a corporate bank account abroad […]

How to transfer money from Russia to Ukraine in 2022 legally and safely

After the introduction of sanctions and anti-sanctions in response, it became not only difficult but also dangerous, to transfer money from Russia to Ukraine. Not only have banks lost the technical ability to make transfers, but also the possibility of going to jail, because of sending finances to the wrong person, looms before their eyes. […]