Money secure with Collect & Pay Ltd

It’s no secret that the development of modern technologies for protecting information and financial transactions at present is of particular importance. In an age when more and more banking services are online, it is security that comes first when choosing a particular financial institution.  Collect & Pay Ltd pays maximum attention to the protection of […]

Payment systems – what is most suitable for business

The main task for all companies is to take care of the service for the client, transfer payments for services conveniently, quickly and safely. Choosing a good payment acceptance system is a headache for all companies. How to choose and set it up so that buyers can pay from their country, to Europe, Asia and […]

Why is opening an account in a foreign bank important for a legal entity?

When creating a business from scratch, the first thing to think about is how to open a foreign bank account for a legal entity. Domestic entrepreneurs often make the same mistake, first registering a business, and then resolving the issue of selecting a foreign bank. In some situations, it is possible to find the right […]

Need to make payments to Russia? Use our friendly and safe payment system

International business has reeled from recent events in the world and in the economy after Russia was cut off from all kinds of services and connections with other countries. It is especially difficult for those companies that were directly tied to foreign countries and depended on receiving or sending money via SWIFT. More than 40% […]

How to open an offshore bank account for your business?

When opening a foreign bank account, a difficult task often arises with the choice of a reliable and efficient bank, which will be prestigious, convenient and, most importantly, safe at the same time. Offshore bank account it’s an account that is managed by a bank located in another country other than the country of residence […]

Referral program: how to make money on recommendations with Collect & Pay

Referral programs are a mutually beneficial format of cooperation between the seller company and its partners. For businesses, this is a fairly inexpensive and easy way to get new customers, just by sharing a small percentage of sales. For partners (they are also “referrals”), this is also beneficial – there is an opportunity to receive […]

3 criteria to pay attention while choosing a bank for your business

Recently, companies need more and more services to transfer funds to their customers. Some want to transfer money using the SWIFT system, some need SEPA to transfer money, while others prefer to accept cryptocurrency. But what if you need to find the one and only bank that will have everything? Choosing one among hundreds of […]

What does it mean to be disconnected from the SWIFT?

  America threatens Moscow with “the most effective legal sanctions.” We are talking about the interbank SWIFT system, which plays a central role in international financial settlements. Disconnection from this system will have the most serious consequences for Russia. A lot of local banks are already closed.   More than 11,000 banks use this highly […]

Difficulties of opening a corporate account abroad

The business strategy has changed significantly over the past 5 years. If earlier the owners tried to find a profitable office space, now the business is looking for a foreign bank, Neobank or a payment system. We will tell you about how to open a corporate bank account in 2022 in this article. Opening a […]

SWIFT announces readiness for ISO 20022 testing

For banks that are not yet ready to process messages in the ISO 20022 format- an emerging global and open standard for payments messaging, the service allows you to translate ISO 20022 messages into the format of current MT (Market Type) standards  and deliver messages in both formats so that customers can always receive complete […]