In just 4 months, the number of voice copying scams has increased by 60%. According to Fortune, the number of scammers using voice copying tools is on the rise. At the moment, criminals have a variety of materials for teaching artificial intelligence algorithms, including audio clips, podcasts, and online presentations. AI technology takes 45 minutes of sound to learn how to simulate a voice. Secure Anchor experts note that over 4 months, 17 companies lost an average of 175 thousand USD due to voice copying fraud. It is reported that in one case, hackers gained full access to an enterprise’s IT systems, security lab writes. According to experts, one of the best ways to deal with such scammers is to develop protocols and rules that determine the conditions for transferring funds. Modern fraudsters do not hack banking systems, but the brains of bank customers and exploit gaps in modern technology. We have prepared five rules that will save you from fatal mistakes. First of all, it is worth switching to contract servicing of a financial mobile phone number used in banks for remote verification of a client. This will not allow a fraudster to steal the number, respectively, to gain access to funds through Internet banking. The second rule is to strengthen the defense of the device on which online banking is installed. To help the client – an eight-digit password for a smartphone’s SIM card, a password for a device, a fingerprint for a mobile bank, a reliable antivirus, operating system updates. At the same time, you should avoid risky actions on the Internet – do not download dubious files, do not follow dubious links, do not open strange letters. Create a complex password like the one that cats “come up with” when they stomp on the keyboard and do not use it as a password for mail, social networks, or instant messengers, because if a fraudster can find one of your passwords, he will try to use it or modifications to enter online banking. Finally, for the safety of funds on the account, it is important to enable two-level authorization (SMS notifications when entering the Internet bank and about all card transactions) and not to tell anyone the SMS passwords received from the bank and the mobile operator. Also, you cannot disclose information about the CVV code, which is located on the back of the payment card. Collect&Pay platform is a cloud-based system that helps to track and manage customer data. Also, it delivers actionable insights, payment instructions, and manages business activities using the internal messaging function with maximized security. The platform uses containerized architecture, the system deployed at Kubernetes-based hosting with high-level security measures to ensure client privacy and data protection. Be sure that your money will be in a safe place. Contact us to open an account –

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