The biggest difference between a traditional and digital bank account is how you open an account and access your funds.

Most traditional banks require you to visit the bank in person and open an account physically before you can use any services.

💻 Digital bank accounts can be opened up remotely from your home or office.

With Collect & Pay Ltd you can check your balance, set up up direct debits, do the currency exchange, clearance, and wire transfers simply from your laptop.

🔐 All Collect & Pay accounts to provide 2FA (Two Factor Authentication).
Collect & Pay is made for the age of the internet.

We offer quick transactions, customer convenience innovative features, and very comprehensive rates that make it ideal for every customer.

🎯 3 simple steps to get started open digital bank account:

  1. GET READY: Submit the application…
  2. GET SET: Fund your account
  3. GO: Manage your payments with Collect & Pay Ltd.
Open Digital Bank Account remotely in 3 simple steps

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